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  • What is an Escape Room?
    An escape room is a real live game, a fun interactive activity for you and your friends to enjoy. You will be locked in a specially designed room full of clues, puzzles and brainteasers. You will be given a back story and an objective, which you have to complete within one hour in order to escape.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each escape room experience ticket costs $25.00. Each game lasts for 1 hour. We do offer a 10% discount to active military members
  • Will I really be locked in?
    Kind of! The door can open if you need it too…and the rooms aren’t small. You can leave at any time, however we suggest you stay and go through the whole experience–you won’t regret it.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Yes. You must be 16 years or older to play. If you are 12-15 years old you can still come accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian over the age of 21. Children 9-11 can play Decipher with their parents/guardians if the entire room is booked privately by their group. The Studio has a minimum age of 12 for all participants.
  • How long does the game last?
    That is really up to you and your wits. You have 60 minutes. But if you solve the puzzles fast and work as a team you just might become a new record setter. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time, and allow for 10-15 minutes after the experience to debrief and take advantage of our photo wall.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    You don’t need to bring anything, except for yourself, your friends, your A-game and a smile. Oh and your wallet in case you want a pretty cool t-shirt. *Military ticket holders will need to bring their Military ID to ensure they receive the 10% discount
  • Can I bring anything into the room?
    You can bring your personal belongings with you and place them in a designated area upon entering the room. No food or drinks please.
  • How do I buy tickets?
    You can click on the “Book” tab and you will see a booking calendar with available time slots and prices.
  • Can I come without a reservation?
    You do need to make your reservation online. However, if it’s too close to your preferred time slot please call us 919-588-1025 and we will see if we have any availability.
  • I only want my friends in the room with me, is that possible?"
    Yes, You can book a full room for a private group; however making new friends is also fun!
  • Do I have to pay for everyone's tickets or can they pay individually?
    Option 1: Set the date and time that you and your friends would like to reserve, and then plan on actually booking online around the same time. Direct them to the “Book Now” link on our website and have them sign up for as many spaces as they need! Option 2: Choose “Split Payment” on the second page of checkout, after including the total number of tickets you will need. Purchase yours, then forward the booking email to your friends! They have until 5 hours before your reserved time slot to pay for their tickets, at which time your card will be charged the remaining balance. We hope this helps!
  • What if I'm going to be late?
    If you are no more then 5 minutes late, we can still get you in the game. If it’s more then 5 minutes, due to the experience for others, you will not be able to enter.
  • Can I play under the influence?
    Unfortunately, if you are intoxicated or drunk you will not be permitted to play. Celebrate after you win!
  • What if I want to bring extra people?
    This is handled on a case by case basis, and typically only for corporations. Call us to make arrangements for any additional players. 919-588-1025
  • I still have a question
    No problem. You can contact us through email or by phone.
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